The White Paper

The “white paper” of the Vie Francigene in the South has been drawn up in the context of a tourist excellence project of the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities, has been entrusted to the Puglia Region and is managed by the regional Agency Pugliapromozione.

The Project, in its entirety, has faced the problem of poor development of infrastructure in the territories south of Rome, in particular in the inland areas and along the Apennines. This makes maintenance of the overall concept and the standards of the great European Cultural Itinerary problematic.

Thanks to the technical apparatus, the data, the maps and the experiences promoted by the City of Foggia, it has been possible to conduct feasibility studies for the implementation of the first 45 kilometres of the Francigena roads in the South. These works are still in progress and promise to become a reference for other Administrations, which may be interested in the realisation of stages and paths of the Francigena roads in the South. In particular, a census has been done for a geo-reference of attractions, cultural assets, locations with cultural identities, spiritual places, accommodation, hospitality and refreshment for pilgrims, and of walkers and wanderers in the areas interested by this early development of infrastructure.

The Project has allowed the drafting of a single summary document – named the “white paper” – of all the operations realised by the Institution ‘Puglia Region’ (from the Regional Excursionist Network to the Tratturi Plan, from the mobility policy, such as “Bike friendly” and Eurovelo n.5, to the development of infrastructure of the Ciclovia of the Acquedotto Pugliese, until the Cultural Environmental System and the actions of transnational cooperation, such as “Cult.Routes”). The document also anticipates actions to be fulfilled in the period of Communitarian Planning 2014-20.

Below it is possible to find in PDF format a summary of the document, available for downloading, concerning the actions undertaken by the Regions along the whole path south of Rome.