Variant descriptions

The EAVF, by mandate of the Council of Europe, is a "réseau porteur" ("carrier network") of the Via Francigena. In this capacity the Association implemented and approved at the General Assembly a complex system of variants which - over time - were proposed by a multiplicity of public bodies, institutions, associations and research facilities.

With a detailed study, entrusted to the Italian Geographic Society, it was possible to draw up a Dossier which - for the first time - systematized the resolutions of regional bodies, territorial proposals and competences of the suggested variations and connections between the routes, validating them from historic and geographic points of view.

Much remains to be done to precisely identify the most suitable steps for walkers on the ground, to subsequently provide security, signage and infrastructure. However, in the meantime we are particularly proud of having identified a main route and a few variants, appreciated by the inhabitants of Lazio, Campania, Molise, Basilicata and Apulia.