Project description

It is important to point out that currently the Via Francigena of the South is a project.

This site represents the will of a growing number of public bodies, institutions, associations and territorial representatives united by an objective to build a great Euro-Mediterranean cultural route and committed to extend the certification of the " Council of Europe Cultural Route" to the Via Francigena of the South, already obtained by the Sigeric’s path from Canterbury to Rome in 1994.

This web site and its publications are meant to be "work in progress". Upon reception of the official agreement by the Ministries and the involved Regions, the Masterplan of the Via Francigena of the South will be possible to be drafted, which might hopefully become an integral part of the Government's "Southern Masterplan".

The Masterplan would include programming and planning the set of interventions necessary to secure the routes, install the signposts, coordinated from Canterbury to Santa Maria di Leuca, representing a great commitment that requires time, energy, resources and skills.