Leg 39 - From Brindisi to Torchiarolo

Starting point
Finish point
Total length
25.7 km
Difficulty by foot

Starting from the promenade in Brindisi, you’ll first reach the cathedral, followed by the small temple dedicated to San Giovanni al Sepolcro:

a stop at this monument is recommended, as it represents one of the most significant medieval relics, telling the story of the knights who passed through here on their way to the Holy Land. Passing through the Gate of Lecce, you leave the historical centre and reach the provincial road; after a few turns, you eventually arrive to open countryside. Continuing south, you come across an olive grove and two farms (Baraccone and Campoperso), entering the beautiful Bosco Tramazzone - Cerano nature reserve. Once you’ve gone through an area characterised by Mediterranean maquis, you’ll reach the Masseria Maime farm followed by Valesio, an important archaeological site that preserves Messapian walls and Roman baths. Following the typical Salento olive groves, you’ll reach the town of Torchiarolo, the end point for this leg of the journey.