Leg 38 - From Torre Guaceto to Brindisi

Starting point
Torre Guaceto
Finish point
Total length
21.5 km

Starting from the Guaceto Tower, the final destination of the previous leg, take the trail in a westerly direction for 250 m, then turn left at the junction and continue for 800 meters until you can see the SS 379.
Turn left and continue along the path of Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve for 1.5 km; at this point, follow the path turning right to cross the underpass of the SS 379 and then turn left onto via Adriatica in the direction of Bari, continuing straight for another 1 km.
Keep right and then turn all the way to the right to take a parallel dirt road that will allow you to turn right again to cross the SS 379 underpass and return to the other side.
Once you’ve passed the viaduct, turn right and continue for 500 m, pass the SS 379 entry junction and keep left to then be able to turn left onto the SP 39.
Continue along the SP 39 for 400 m and then turn right and then left to take via di Torre Testa. Follow this coastal road for the next 10 km until you reach the intersection with via Gerusalemme, where it becomes the SP 41. Continue on the SP 41 and its subsequent extension called via Mater Domini for 4 km, keeping Brindisi Airport to your right.
Cross the underpass and continue on via Mater Domini, going over the roundabout and carrying straight on Viale Umberto Maddalena for 150 m. Turn left onto via Medaglie d’Oro, continue straight for 500 m until you can see the Monument to Italian Sailors, an ideal place to get a view of the Roman columns that marked the end of the Via Appia, on the opposite shore.
Turn right and take via Ammiraglio Millo, a small road that runs along the shore. Continue for 500 m until you reach the arrival point for this leg in Brindisi.