Leg 37 - From Torre Santa Sabina to Torre Guaceto

Starting point
Torre Santa Sabina
Finish point
Torre Guaceto
Total length
11.4 km

With St. Sabina Tower behind you, walk along via della Torre for 100 m and then turn left into Piazza dei Ciclamini. Continue along the road until you get close to Camerini Beach, where you can take the road that then follows the beach for around 100 m, leading to via Lago d’Iseo, which you need to follow for another 600 m.
At the end of this road, you’ll come to a dirt track that leads directly to a beach near to Hotel Club Santa Sabina and then you’ll take a semi-paved road that, after 400 m and a double turning to the left and to the right, leads onto via Ottaviano Augusto.
After 400 m, you’ll enter the Lido Pantanagianni and, once you’ve crossed this, you’ll temporarily leave the beach to walk through a short stretch of Mediterranean maquis, passing close by the Lido Le Dune and Lido Sabbia d’Oro. Take a left-hand turn onto via Tamerici.
Stay on via Tamerici for around 1.5 km and, once you reach the “il Chiosco” bar, turn left in the direction of Lido Laguna Blu. Carry straight on for 1 km and carry straight over the crossroads to take the unpaved road in an east/south-east direction for around 2 km.
When you get close to Punta Penna Grossa beach, turn right to take Contrada Pennagrossa and then take the first street on the left and continue for 600 m.
Turn right along the dirt road and walk through the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve for 2.5 km, turning left at the first crossroads and right at the second. When you get to the seashore, continue along the series of bays until you reach the Guaceto Tower, representing the end of this leg of the journey.