Leg 36 - From Torre Canne to Torre Santa Sabina

Starting point
Torre Canne
Finish point
Torre Santa Sabina
Total length
31.2 km

Starting from the centre of Torre Canne, take via Eroi del Mare and you’ll immediately descend towards the beaches along the coast. Follow them for about 1.5 km and then take a small road that runs parallel to the coast.

After 300 m, you’ll come back to the beach and then continue in this direction for the next 3 km. Once you get to Lido Macchia Mediterranea, turn right onto a dirt track that runs parallel to the coast for approximately 1 km, then head back down towards the beach to Lido Morelli, Villaggio Pilone and Rosamarina. Continue in this direction for 4.5 km.
After this, the trail goes through the centre of Monticelli, and leaves the town again after 200 m on an unpaved road that runs along the coast. From here, you’ll enter Diana Marina. Turn right onto via dei Bouganville and, after 200 m, at the roundabout, turn left for Contrada Villanova, in the direction of Marina di Ostuni and Villanova.  
When you get to the next harbour, continue for via Tancredi Conte and then turn right for via Petrarolo, leading onto via Consolato Veneziano. The walk continues for just over 1.5 km and leads to an unpaved road that runs along the stunning Costa Merlata for the subsequent kilometres, taking you to the entry point at the St. Sabina Tower.
You enter the town by following via Socrate and then a dirt road that provides a shortcut from Mezzaluna beach. Staying along the coast, take via Scoglio del Cavallo, turning left and heading towards the tip of the headland and the St. Sabina Tower, representing the end of this leg of the journey.