Leg 27 - From Corato to Ruvo di Puglia

Starting point
Finish point
Ruvo di Puglia
Total length
12.2 km

This leg starts from Corato’s Mother Church, but before leaving then town, you must absolutely visit the “City and Territorial Museum” which is home to three milestones from the ancient Via Traiana.

From via Mercalli, go over the railway crossing and turn left onto via Fondo Griffi, which will lead you into the countryside, once again dominated by olive trees. After a curve to the left, you’ll go over a small waterway. From here, continue straight for around 2 km and, once you go past an ancient stone cistern, follow the curve and then take the first road to the left. At the end, you’ll reach a crossroads where you need to head right (if you make a small detour, you can reach the “Chianca of the Paladins” dolmen). Carry straight on for 4 km and then turn left and take the first right; after a short while, you’ll arrive to the outskirts of Ruvo di Puglia. Follow via Nazario Sauro until you reach the historic centre and the Cathedral, which represents the end of this leg.