Leg 26 - From Andria to Corato

Starting point
Finish point
Total length
14.2 km

Starting from the Cathedral of Andria, you’ll soon reach a “contrada” road (Macchia di Rosa) which immediately becomes a dirt track that winds its way through olive groves, vineyards and small dry stone walls.

After a series of bends, this track becomes straight and stays this way for the next 8 km, going slightly uphill. The landscape does not change: wayfarers are immersed in silent countryside covered in olive trees, representing one of this area’s main sources of income for centuries. Coratina olives are especially common here, a local and particularly valuable variety that is grown throughout the area north of Bari. At the end of this straight track, turn left and then take the second right; cross the overpass and you’ll reach the centre of Corato. This leg ends at the Mother Church of “Santa Maria Maggiore”.