Leg 25 - From Canosa to Andria

Starting point
Finish point
Total length
24.5 km

Starting from the St. Sabino Cathedral in Canosa, you’ll soon come to a local road that takes you out of the city and guides you among the olive groves and vineyards that characterise the countryside here; this is the kind of landscape that will accompany wayfarers all the way to Andria.

Follow this gradually uphill road for about 4 km and then cross the overpass before turning left along a small road that runs between the olive trees; at the end of this road, turn left and then take the “contrada Santa Brigida” road to the right. For several kilometres, this road, initially a dirt track, runs straight inside a real olive tree forest, lined with typical, small dry stone walls. Once you go over a crossroads, you’ll come across another straight “contrada” road that, after 8 km, leads you to Andria. This leg ends in Piazza Duomo, which is home to the cathedral.