Leg 12 - From Itri to Formia

Starting point
Itri, Via San Martino
Finish point
Formia, Via Vitruvio
Total length
16.6 km

We leave Itri along a stretch of SP 105 and then climb to Contrada Capanaro that will lead us to the top of the mountain which dominates the coast of Formia and Gaeta.

We descend on a serpentine road for about 2.5 km to Via Sant'Agostino and to SP 158, then we continue towards the coast until we cross the SR 213 that will lead us to the coast road and to the seafront of Formia. Once in the city we will be able to visit the so-called Tomb of Cicero and the beautiful Cisternone, an imposing underground Roman structure, used at the time as a water reserve.

Critical points: Pay attention along the SP 105 exiting from Itri. Via Sant'Agostino, direction Gaeta, is very dangerous for traffic.

Services: No water supply points along the route. Hospitality and other services are present at departure and arrival points.