Leg 11 - From Monte San Biagio to Itri

Start node info
Monte San Biagio, Via Roma
End node info
Itri, Via San Martino
Total length
25.5 km

We leave the center of Monte San Biagio and descend towards the Monastero San Magno, an ancient monastic center dating back to the 6th century.

We continue on the road along the farms in the direction of Fondi, where we will be able to visit the Baronial Castle Caetani and the city center. Leaving Fondi behind us, we go out in the direction of Itri and take Via Ponte Tavolato and walk along the path that runs parallel to the canal and the Via Appia.

Critical points: The journey is VERY DANGEROUS on the sections of the SS 7

Services: Water supply points are present only in Fondi; hospitality and other services are present at departure, arrival points and in Fondi.