Leg 10 - From Sonnino to Monte San Biagio

Start node info
Sonnino, Piazza G. Garibaldi
End node info
Monte San Biagio, Via Roma
Total length
15.5 km

We leave the charming village of Sonnino coming out on Via San Marco and immediately take a path that will lead us for the next 8 km through enchanting mountain landscapes, forests and untouched nature, until arriving to the town of Vetica. We then walk along a well paved road immersed in the woods, skirting the villages of urban communities of Campo Marinello and San Vito, climbing up to Monte San Biagio, the end of our stage.

Critical points: There are no critical issues along the way

Services: Water supply points are present only towards the end of the stage. Hospitality and other services are present at departure and arrival points.