Leg 09 - From Priverno to Sonnino

Start node info
Priverno, Piazza XX Settembre
End node info
Sonnino, Piazza G. Garibaldi
Total length
15.7 km
Difficulty by foot

We leave the town of Priverno on Via Crocifisso, immediately take a path that runs along the canal and continue for the next 6 km to the majestic abbey of Fossanova, visible from far away.

A splendid example of Gothic architecture, the Cistercian abbey of Fossanova has its roots in the 12th century. We leave the abbey behind and start a slow and gradual ascent towards Sonnino, the point of arrival of our stage.

Critical points: Pay attention in the short section of SP Marittima II immediately after the Abbey of Fossanova and while crossing areas not marked by pedestrian crossings.

Services: Water supply point is only available in Fossanova. Hospitality and other services are present at departure and arrival points, services are also available in Fossanova.