Leg 07 - From Sermoneta to Sezze

Start node info
Sermoneta, centro storico
End node info
Sezze, centro storico
Total length
11.1 km

Via Appia. We leave the historic center of Sermoneta, and continue for 4 km on Via San Francesco, then we take a dirt road that will lead us to the hills - beautiful landscapes covered with sunflowers with grazing cattle herds around.

At the end of the 5 km of dirt road we go gradually down towards the center of Sezze, where, having reached the end of the stage, we will be able to visit the Municipal Archaeological Museum.

Critical points: Pay attention in the short section entering Sezze as there is no sideway.

Services: No water supply points in the central part of the stage. Hospitality and other services are present at departure and arrival points.