Leg 04 - From Velletri to Cori

Start node info
Velletri, Piazza Ottaviano Augusto
End node info
Cori, Piazza Signina
Total length
22.5 km

Via Appia. We leave Velletri and walk along Via Ferruccio Parri and Via delle Corti. Leaving the town, we go towards Via di Cori and SP3,

we pass near the lake of Giulianello and cross the homonymous town. Then we continue towards Colle Illirio to take a picturesque road that goes between farms which will take us to the slopes of the hill where the ancient city of Cori and its beautiful Temple of Hercules rise, the destination of this stage.

Critical points: The entire section along the SP 74 is a very busy road, with narrow stretches and no escape routes, and is VERY DANGEROUS.

Services: No water supply points along the route, hospitality and other services are at departure and arrival points.