Leg 03 - From Velletri to Cori

Start node info
Albano Laziale, Piazza della Rotonda
End node info
Velletri, Piazza Ottaviano Augusto
Total length
18.4 km

Via Appia. Leaving Albano Laziale, we enter a dense wooded area that runs along Lake Albano, here and there on the path emerge ancient remains, presumably canalizations in opus reticulatum (diamond-shaped bricks of tuff),

continuing for about 5 km until they intersect the provincial road. Taking another path in the woods, we continue in the directions of Nemi, a town that rises on the homonymous lake. We continue south on a comfortable sidewalk of the provincial road, turn left at Clivo Formello and cross the forest for 5 km until reaching Velletri.

Critical points: There are no critical points.

Services: Water supply in Nemi, hospitality services and pharmacies in Nemi and at the departure and arrival points.