Leg 01 - From Roma to Castel Gandolfo

Starting point
Città del Vaticano, Piazza San Pietro
Finish point
Castel Gandolfo, Via Palazzo Pontificio
Total length
27.2 km

Via Appia. The first leg of the Via Francigena in the South is perhaps the most exciting of the whole route: we walk through history, touching some of the most famous monuments in the world before coming out onto the Via Appia Antica and plunging into a unique landscape.

Leaving the ancient Roman walls in direction of Porta San Sebastiano, we find our way on the ancient paving of the Appia Antica which will accompany us for few kilometers to exit Rome. For the next 10 km we proceed through ancient vestiges of the Rome's glorious past: Geta's Tomb, Sepulcher of Priscilla, Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella etc. until we reach the town of Frattocchie where the route leaves the old road Via Consular and proceed in the direction of Castel Gandolfo, summer residence of the Popes and the end point of the stage.
Critical points:
Pay attention while crossing areas not marked by pedestrian crossings and in few short
stretches where you walk in the absence of a sidewalk.

Water points, present in urban areas, are almost entirely absent along the Via Appia Antica. Hospitality, catering and pharmacies are present at departure and arrival points. There is a pharmacy in Fratocchie.