Leg 02 - From Castel Gandolfo to Albano Laziale

Start node info
Castel Gandolfo, Via Palazzo Pontificio
End node info
Albano Laziale, Piazza della Rotonda
Total length
3.4 km

Via Appia. Leaving the Pontifical Palace and the historic center of Castel Gandolfo behind, we walk entirely along the Via Pio XI and Via Galleria di Sopra, maintaining on the left side a splendid view of Lake Albano and the surrounding woods. At the Roman Amphitheater, go down to the right towards the center of Albano Laziale.
Critical points:
Pay attention on the road Via Pio XI where you walk without a sidewalk.

Water supply points present. Hospitality services, catering and pharmacies present at departure and arrival points.