Route "Via Prenestina"

Total length
73.3 km

The route of the Via Prenestina was revitalized by the Arch. Di Paola, in collaboration with the Fondazione Percorsi Giubilari. An itinerary was traced, mostly on foot, from Paliano to the archaeological area of Gabii.

Currently feasibility studies of possible extensions to Piazza San Pietro on one side and Anagni on the other side are underway. The route was fully reproduced on the Regional Technical Maps of the Lazio Region, on a scale of 1: 10,000. The itinerary follows continuous ups and downs between secondary asphalt roads, country roads, paths, in an area that is not densely urbanized, and is characterized by an undulating, varied and pleasant landscape. The route starts in the area south of Paliano, at the Colle Gianturco, and from here continues towards the center of Paliano. Descending into the valley, take Via Prenestina, in the direction of Genazzano; after passing the beautiful village of Cave, you will come across some stretches of ancient cobblestones, and arrive in Palestrina, where you will find one of the most beautiful surprises of the entire route - marvelous mosaics of the Tempio della Dea Fortuna (Temple of the Goddess Fortune). The route continues along a paved road, becoming a dirt road towards Zagarolo and the Park degli Acquedotti di Gallicano, an area of great beauty. After passing the Castello di Passerano, continue towards the archaeological area of Gabii, where the current itinerary ends. The connection to the center of Rome, is currently being developed and will potentially involve an entry from Porta Maggiore to continue towards San Giovanni in Laterano, the Colosseum, the Forum and the Piazza San Pietro.