Route "Via Micaelica" - C.A.I. Foggia

Total length
40.1 km
Difficulty by foot

The Terre Alte Group C.A.I. di Foggia did a remarkable job of analysis on the Gargano territory to identify a path that unites three places of cult of extraordinary importance in the enchanting scenery of the Gargano promontory: Santa Maria di Stignano, San Giovanni Rotondo and Monte Sant'Angelo.

Particular attention was paid to safety and enjoyment of the route, which mostly uses paths and country roads. Therefore, besides being an important pilgrimage, the "Via Micaelica" is a pleasant trek that can be done over a weekend, alternating visits to places of worship with pleasant stretches immersed in the greenery of the Gargano National Park. Currently the route is only partially marked with a hiking trail marker and is not easily identifiable in the first part. The cartography, not yet available, is being prepared thanks to the work of the former G.A.M. Foggia, today part of the C.A.I. di Foggia. One of the strengths of the itinerary is the availability of specific hospitality for pilgrims: the starting point (the guesthouse of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Stignano), the intermediate stages (San Marco in Lamis and San Giovanni Rotondo) and the point of arrival (Monte Sant’Angelo) are equipped with adequate accommodations for the pilgrims.