Route Faicchio - Buonalbergo

Difficulty by foot

As part of the development project for the Via Francigena of the South in the province of Benevento, the G.A.L. Titerno entrusted a preliminary study of the route to the Itineraria society. The Benevento area is characterized by a significant presence of paved roads, generally with little traffic, and by a considerable lack of country roads and paths.

Furthermore, the accommodation facilities are located at long distances from each other, and are incompatible with development of a pedestrian itinerary, requiring a stop-over every 20-30 km at most. For this reason in a first phase of the work it was decided to privilege the development of a bicycle itinerary, from Faicchio, on the western border of the Province, running along the valley of the Calore river to Benevento, along a route once ascribed to a medieval branch of Via Latina.

From here the route follows the director of the Appia Traiana, heading towards Paduli and then Buonalbergo, the historic passage of the consular road. The ancient routes, almost completely lost by now, were metaphorically retraced using as much as possible secondary, non-trafficked, panoramic roads, which can be safely travelled by bicycle. The need to create an accessible tourism product led to the choice of joining the main road with a route system that would allow the construction of ring-shaped network of varying length and difficulty, and would lead "slow tourists" to the discovery of the most interesting attractions of the territory. The result is a network of about 120 km of routes, which can be divided into circular itineraries of various length and difficulty adaptable to a training level of cyclers. The route is documented in a road book in pdf format, downloadable for free from the website GAL Titerno.