The Benevento Way- Celle San Vito

The Gruppo Terre Alte del C.A.I has been working for three years now on the recovery and enhancement of a path that unites Benevento to Monte Sant’Angelo, placing the route in the Via Francigena of the South system as Via Micaelica.

The work was carried out in close coordination with the Terre Alte Group C.A.I. di Foggia and C.A.I. di Napoli, aiming to connect the Benevento itinerary with the already existing route in the Gargano. The project should be completed in April 2009. Particular attention was paid to historical and philological research, thanks to the collaboration with eminent scholars, to develop an itinerary that in addition of being pleasant for walkers could have historic elements. The entire route was reported with excellent accuracy on IGM maps on a 1: 50,000 scale and is accessible by anyone with a minimum of familiarity of a map reading and modest physical training. It is a mixed route where asphalted secondary roads alternate with country roads, paths and sheep tracks. Attention should be paid to the complex orography of the territory east of Benevento, the continuous ups and downs mean that the gradients of each stage can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, accommodation availability is rather low and possible rest stops are not particularly suitable for pilgrims.