Route “Appia Pedemontana”

Total length
195.2 km

The Appia Pedemontana, one of the main roads used in the Middle Ages to link Rome with the south, has recently been revisited by the Association Gruppo dei Dodici, in collaboration with the Compagnia dei Lepini.

The route is about 200 km long, and connects Formia, a seaside resort in the province of Latina, with the capital. The itinerary consists of a dozen stages from 12 to 25 km, divided in accordance with pilgrims’ accommodation facilities. The Gruppo dei Dodici carefully analysed and explored the territory, in search of routes, country roads, abandoned sediments, roads with little traffic, to guarantee pilgrims maximum of possible security consistent with the philological respect of the most important stages of the historic path. It resulted into a pleasant and divrse itinerary, which alternates the inevitable stretches of a paved road with sometimes very intense traffic, to quiet walks in silence of the woods of the Lepini Mountains. Particular attention was paid to the long stretches of the Via Appia Antica, which paving is still in an amazing state of preservation. Perhaps the most interesting example is the 3 km long stretch of the Roman road that crosses the Gorge of Saint Andrea, between Itri and Fondi, which allows you to appreciate the construction features of the ancient road. We can guess the intensity of the traffic of carts and riders that travelled along the Roman road, since a pavement for pedestrians, still usable, had been built at the time. The ancient road is perhaps the greatest attraction of a very complete path full of interesting aspects, leading to various interpretations: environmental, religious, historical and artistic.