The Francigena Ways in the south, a bridge between east and west

The Francigena Ways in the South join East and West, Christianity and paganism, the Age of Antiquity to the Middle Ages. A transversal journey, through Roman stone-paved roads and ancient sheep-tracks, pagan temples, impressive cathedrals and Christian sanctuaries, gentle hilly panoramas and harsh mountain passes. This space is dedicated to the ancient and modern ways, and you will be able to find in our pages both the history of the ancient pilgrim’s ways and maps and descriptions of the modern itineraries of the Francigena Way or more precisely the Francigena Ways in the South.

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From Brennero to Santa Maria di Leuca, the Union route

A pilgrimage in Italy from Brenner to Santa Maria di Leuca, accompanied by Francisco Sancho.

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Francigena Marathons, advice and information to begin with your best foot forward

The marathon season has begun along the Italian Via Francigena. The mother of non-competitive walks, the European Francigena Marathon, will take place on 27th May, 42km from Acquapendente to Montefiascone in the province of Viterbo.

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European Festival of the Vie Francigene, your events

"Walking. Food for the soul": this is the theme of the 8th European Festival of the Vie Francigene.

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The Via Francigena in Lombardy travels with Trenord

The Via Francigena promotes sustainable mobility with Trenord. Reaching or traversing a section of the route in Lombardy is now cheaper.

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The Spring of Soft Mobility 2018

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